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I'm pulling my hair out here! Actually... it's falling out.

This morning in the shower, I lost more hair than I have up to this point. The chemo I'm on lists "hair thinning" as a side effect rather than "hair loss", but I've been told up to 25% of people lose 75% of their hair. To me, that's more than thinning. So far it's still not noticeable, but I'm only done one month of 6. If I keep losing hair at this rate, it'll be obvious in about a month.

Now, if you're thinking that this doesn't look like *that* much more than you've lost in the shower, do you have long or thick hair? Mine is baby fine and short with layers (3-6" long). This is probably about 5% of my total hair right there on that shower wall!

So, when a cancer patient starts to lose hair, what's the first line of defense? WIGS! Good thing I'm a cosplayer (I make costumes of characters from TV shows, movies, and books that I like), and I have a pretty decent selection of wigs already.

And when a designer/cosplayer is feeling down, what's a good way to cheer them up? A FASHION SHOW!

Now, unless you are already completely bald or have shaved off your hair, you're going to need to hold your own hair back somehow. Don't just put it in a ponytail-- this will make a lump under your wig, and hair will probably slip out and show around the edges. You will need some sort of wig cap.

I use flesh tone stocking caps. Don't try to match the wig-- you want it to look like skin if it shows through. Of course, if the wig is a little thin, especially if it's dark, you can go ahead and use a darker cap.

If your wig cap is too tight, it will give you a headache. Stretch it out so that it is comfortable, but still snug (too loose and your hair will slip out). If it's really tight, use scissors to snip half-way through the band or try a different brand or type.

Now on to the wigs.

If you're nervous about wearing a wig, pick something close to your natural colour and most recent style. People may not even realize it's a wig. I fool people with this one all the time (they easily forget that I have bangs). If the hair falls in front of your eyes or feels unnatural in some way, try adding clips, headbands, or other accessories. Treat it like it's your own hair and it'll feel more natural for you.

Ready to branch out a little? Try a new style, but stick with your natural or usual dyed shade. Try a style you've always wanted but couldn't achieve with your own hair. Never had the patience to grow it out? Now's your chance to go long!

Pin back long front pieces with cute clips. Pairing a light clip with a dark wig or a dark clip with a light wig will show it off to best advantage. Wear your new wig to Claires or Icing and try out a variety of accessories to see what looks best. Use it as a chance to explore your style.

I'm a big fan of headbands lately and love white, cream, and silver against my dark hair and wigs!

Go big. This one is a little TOO big! It needs huge accessories to look right. Probably won't be wearing this for everyday (I wore it for a Padme costume before I cut bangs into it).

Try a new colour. I love being a redhead. Chose wigs that suit your mood.

Bangs just scream for headbands! Pick warm colours to go along with a red wig: cream rather than white, turquoise rather than royal blue. You might need to alter your usual make-up colours a bit too.

Want to go blond? If your hair is naturally dark, try a deeper, blended shade. This is my "soccer mom" wig. It looks natural and the style is easy to live with-- it doesn't get it the way! And it's less likely to shed on you. See that beautiful blond hair floating across my shoulder? Yeah, I tried these on in a different order than I'm showing you-- long wigs shed. I find long, blond hairs everywhere, but I can't accuse my husband of cheating, because they're all mine (that and he wouldn't! I love that man!)

See why I recommended a deeper, blended shade? Stay away from anything labeled 613 or Platinum. Unless you WANT to look like Barbie. It can be fun for a night out!

Here's a better middle ground-- a little lighter, and it has the curl. This one is fun.

And the light, cool colour looks good with a royal blue flower.

Here's a different look. I personally don't like a pixie cut on me, or this light of a blond. This wig was bought for a crossplay (I was dressed as a BOY!). But it is an easy wig to wear if the style suits you. (This is why I prefer going into a wig shop over buying online, at least at the beginning. It takes a bit of practice to find what will suit you. Search for an ethnic beauty shop-- most big cities have several. They typically cater to black women, but often have a small selection of lighter and red wigs as well.)

If you're feeling brave, and it's always been a dream, go long and blond (yup this one sheds!). This is a light blond, but it's still a blend. I was surprised at how good this looked on me when I first bought it. I have used it for a few characters, so it's a little chopped up, but still flattering depending on how I style it.

Don't be afraid to treat it like real hair-- low ponytails are great (high ones and updos won't work with most wigs though, unless they come that way-- but those ones get damaged too quickly for daily wear)

These butterfly clips aren't meant for hair at all. I buy them in the home dec area at Craft stores like Micheal's and Joann! They have the exact same alligator clip on the back that flowers from the accessory stores have. Just treat them with care-- they're made of feather and the body is styrofoam. I have them in 5 colours to match my outfits!

Here's another one from the same company (Lux Vogue on ebay-- great wigs, great price{$25-35 including shipping!}, but they ship from China, so they take 3-5 weeks to come in). This one is wavy and long. Waves can be brushed carefully, but true curls are hard to care for. The part of a wig that touches your back will tangle way worse than your own hair. Long wigs take lots of care. I tend to wear these for special occasions.

I love the swoop in the front of this one. It's delicate, but this is a fee;-good wig! Wearing a blond wig often requires heavier make-up though. Most people think it should be lighter to accommodate for the lighter hair, but if you're pale like me, a blond wig will wash you out horribly! Darken up the make-up a little and get some contrast going. You'll look great! And if your hair is falling out, your eyebrows are probably thinning too-- the perfect time to try a lighter look (always look for the silver lining!!)

I have some wigs that could never pass for my own hair. But even so, this is my favourite wig. It's called Kelly and it's available in natural colours too. I might pick up another one. It has the SOFTEST fibers and it NEVER tangles (or if it does, it brushes out with a single stroke!). I cut the shorter side pieces in myself (it's called Hime, or princess, style in Japan) and I love how they curl against my cheeks.

Talking about unnatural! This is the last wig I bought before I got sick. I never made the costume it goes with and I only took it out of the bag today. It needs some styling (the bangs are SOOO heavy). Usually a wig needs only fluffing when you get it, but sometimes it needs a little more styling. You can take a wig to your hairdresser (call ahead to ask if they are able to work with wigs or can refer you to someone. Always let them know whether or not it's human hair or artificial fibers). NEVER buy a wig from a Halloween store. They are poor quality and pretty much disposable. They will almost never look good. Even this one is made from high quality fibers (soo soft). If you search for "cosplay wigs" on ebay, you will usually find better quality wigs. Anything under $20 (with the exception of a few Asian sellers who list $10-25 shipping) is probably a "party" wig or a "Halloween" wig. Stay away from those. In addition to looking bad, the fibers are stiff and itchy!

Now, here's my own hair. I can still dry it upside down for volume and fluff it up enough that it looks normal. For now.

There's my pretty butterfly again.

And a top view. Normally, my part is almost invisible. So the hair is definitely going. We'll see how long it lasts.

Now, just for fun, my daughter joined in on my little fashion show (she loves wigs!), so here are a few cute shots of my baby-girl!

"I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world..."


"There was a little girl, who had a little curl..."

She's Mullet-tastic!

Toddlers and Tiaras?

Green Queen!

Okay, I'm done now. I hope no one else has to lose their hair, but if you do, there's hope-- you can still look fabulous!
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